Meet Less, Do More and Sell Out Your Event Fast!

TEDx Events are tremendously successful around the world; the mission behind these events is to generate and share “ideas worth spreading.” These events are independently planned and cover various themes from movements in space to the “bridgewalkers” in a community. TEDxSaltLakeCity is of particular interest to us because its 2014 event was planned and organized […]

Change is HARD but the REWARD is Worth it!

Guest Post by: Dan Carusi, Vice President & CLO, Deltek I arrived at work this morning and waiting for me with a big smile on his face is my boss. He shakes my hand and blurts out “Congratulations, you have been promoted and now own the responsibility for the organizations Social Business Strategy”. Ok, after […]

Email is INSANE!

I remember the day I got my first email account.  I was in college and email had just started.  I remember the excitement of those first emails and I remember thinking, “this is going to change everything.”  I loved email and I coveted every single one.  But little did I know over 20 years later […]

Are You a Selfish Project Manager?

How many attendees at your project status meetings LOVE to be there? If your answer is more than a couple, you may have missed your calling as a public speaker or a stand-up comic! The reality is that status meetings are remnants from the pre-Internet days when it was 1. Impossible to keep everyone abreast […]

Collaboration Is The 1 Thing You Should Be “Accounting” On

Guest Post By: Nick O’Brien, a junior at Clark University and will be studying abroad this year at the London School of Economics. He spent his summer working with Deltek’s product teams as part of an internship. Okay, we get it… when you think of a Finance and Operations (F&O) team, you probably aren’t thinking […]

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